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Why Is 2019 The Year Marketers Can No Longer Ignore Video?

In 2019, marketers CAN ignore video if they want to. But they’ll find themselves jobless & broke well before Christmas or even Easter.
A marketer is someone who understands what the market needs and acts accordingly. This is what essentially differentiates a marketer from a guy who thinks he knows marketing.
A video is what the market is responding to right now in 2019. So that’s what you need to concentrate on. This will obviously change after a couple of years when VR takes over.
Notice how the tablet sits over the book (and besides the apple :P )
So why is video KING right now? Let’s see:
1. It’s less crowded: Most marketers are all over the place. They are still strategizing twitter tags instead of focusing on Instagram stories. They are focusing on blog articles instead of Vlogs.
This is a very good thing for people like you and me. Less competition = Greater chance to get visibility. This will change though. In fact, it is changing as we speak. More and more people are realizing this.
So the sooner you act, the better. In marketing, the first few to act on a strategy eats 90% of the pie.
^ Now that’s what I call first mover advantage.
2. People are getting lazy: There is only one thing you need to address to enhance customer experience. Always ask this one question: “How can you make things easier for the end user?” A video is the easiest way to consume information for now.
This is how Wistia responds to customer queries:
instead of this:
3. Its the richest medium of communication: People say an image speaks 1000 words. Science says a 5-minute video contains 1000 images. So essentially, a 5 minute video equals 1000x1000 words (or) 1,000,000 words.
If you got confused by all that geeky/techy stuff, just know this: A five-minute video is like a million-word blog post.
Do you understand the power of video now?
Even Email CTR increase by 300% when you include video.
Now there is a flip side. If your video sucks, it sucks 1 million times more than a sucky blog post.
4. Its how social media will work in the future: Now as a marketer if you still don’t use social media for marketing. You shouldn't even be on 2010, let alone 2019. For the ones who live now, you must’ve noticed every single social media platform is going all out to promote video.
Facebook: with their LIVE feature
Instagram and Snapchat: with their stories feature.
Twitter with its live feed.
Use all these platforms to get maximum reach.
Please don’t upload your Youtube video everywhere. It's the stupidest thing you can do to PISS your audience off in 2019.
Be relevant to each platform!
See this:
You don’t necessarily have to create different videos for each platform. Just improvise the distribution. For example, if you interviewed a top leader,
  1. Publish the entire video on Youtube.
  2. Break it into small clips to share on FB.
  3. Share awesome quotes or best moments in Instagram (as 10–15s videos)
And don’t forget to link it to the main youtube video when sharing in Instagram and FB.
5. Videos get more shares
Videos can convey more emotions than any form of content. Enough said.
6. Google loves VIDEOS!!
Most marketers reading this have already closed this window and are shooting videos instead.
7. Hey geeks: Now if your still not convinced, you have to be one of those statistic geeks. Don’t worry, I got you covered as well.
  • 74% of all traffic is video traffic.
  • 500 million people already watch FB videos daily.
  • 75% of business executives watch work-related videos every week.
Now its time for a pop quiz:
  • Are you using the latest Facebook feature that will drive maximum engagement in 2019?
  • Did you know that Instagram is a hot market to target older users now?
  • Are you aware of the latest social media platform that can give you insane returns in the future?
If you don’t, your marketing strategy is outdated & whack!
Embrace video NOW and you will thank me later.
When it comes down to it, video marketing is all about branding. You can certainly build a strong brand using other methods online, but once you make the decision to harness the power of video marketing, you’ll find that you’re facing a much easier journey to small business success.
Thanks for reading and visiting my website.

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