Friday, February 15, 2019

Three Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home - Jobs Paying Greater Than $20/Hour

Want to know three Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home - Jobs Paying Greater Than $20/Hour? 

There are dozens if not hundreds of ways to make real money from home.

What you might hear on Facebook and Googles is a bunch of MLMs thrown at your face.

Let's take a look at normal 9-5 office jobs for a moment. 

Why do you get paid for those? 

Well, it's because you’re delivering some sort of value to the company you’re working for. You provide a service (your labor/skill/expertise) which helps make the company money. In exchange, the company pays your per hour or year. Simply put, you get paid because you make or save the company more money.

The same principle stands for making money from home. You have to provide some sort of value to whoever you're selling a good or service to. Here are three different methods I recommend.

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1. A remote full-time job

Yes, you can still have a normal job and make money from home. The remote-work industry has been exponentially growing in the last 5 years (especially in the tech industry) as more and more companies realize their employees are more productive when working from home, it saves them in office expenses, and they actually don’t need to micro-manage everything.

An excellent example of this is being a remote web developer working for an agency or product team.

2. Freelancing

This is what I recommend the most to those who really want to work for themselves. This is where you lend your expertise to several different companies. Instead of employers, there are clients. The difference is that as an employee, you’re a subordinate, and are in a lower position than your boss. 

As a freelancer or consultant, you’re in more of a partnership role with your client. They hire you based on your expertise. You can typically charge a substantially higher rate, but you also have to file your own taxes, have a CPA/Attorney, and business insurance.  On the plus side, nobody is telling you how many days you can take off, you can pick your own hours, and your success depends fully on your hard work, not whether the company is successful or not.

Example, while you can essentially turn any skills into a freelancing career, the most in-demand in is the tech industry so you can look into that if you’re not sure of what skill to train in.

3. You can start a product-based business 

Instead of selling your labor, you can sell goods and eventually scale the business enough to where your actual presence isn’t needed anymore. However, this method takes the longest out of the three to provide a livable amount every month and most of the profits will go back into the business to make it grow.

An example of this is starting your own online store on Ecwid and growing your audience.

Hope this helps!

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