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How to Make Money With Email Marketing As An Affiliate Marketer

How do you make money with email marketing as an affiliate marketer? Simple.

You need to provide relevant value in your emails.
And a lot of it.
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Then you can promote products you trust, and preferably use!
But in the end, having an email list is about cultivating a real relationship where you help people. A good way to do it is to simply ASK your subscribers from time to time what they struggle with, or want to learn from you.

You need to map out a process for a set number of days where you find a set number of products to promote, and in between, you deliver the value. There are numerous ways to go about this, and you can be sure that one marketer has a different system than the next one.

Sending emails every day is something people do to keep their name in the consumers’ mind, but if not done right it can appear a bit too much. Some send an email twice a year and get really high open rates.

This is something you should think of BEFORE you go into it. What would you prefer yourself if you were reading emails from a marketer?

Personally, if I subscribe to someone and they deliver actionable value one day and promote something the other day, I might buy it then and there, but if this continues, like the next day value, then a promo… I would MOST likely be distracted. And in the end that is not good for the end user you know.

But having said that, the copy and material are what you should be mapping out as in: What can you offer to your market that makes sense and would keep the subscribers interested as you provide relevant content geared to make them grow step by step.

Ideally, you should find a mentor in this space. Someone who has the REAL merits to teach the topic and someone you feel is looking after your best interest as buying solo ads costs money and you would want to spend your money where you get the value back, or at least not spend money that is not needed.

Sometimes you need to spend and learn and spend and learn… But there are mentors out there that offer packages with guarantees of lists of the size of 10 000 people and also guarantees sales on top of that. Others provide training but no guarantee of sales.

Ultimately you need to understand it is a learning curve to it, like everything, but you CAN shortcut this if you decide to look for the best mentors and grab a deal with someone who can offer such guarantees.

Just to mention it, if you do, you most likely will get a set of campaigns to promote and also most likely you will use a follow-up sequence they already have used themselves and have gotten results from, over and over.
Hope this helps.
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