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What Should I Do to Start Learning Email Marketing?

Are you an email marketing Rookie?
I remember the day I got into email marketing and started searching for such tips, and how to get into it the right way.
Now let me share with you the best, yet the simplest actionable success points that you must learn about when getting started with your email marketing.
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It’s not a secret that email is the heavy favorite among marketers. An email was ranked by marketers as the single most effective media to raise awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention.
Different aspects are included in email marketing, now we get into each one in details.

Your Email list:
This answer the question, to whom are you firing email? We can call those people on your list subscribers, contacts, leads or prospects depending on the connection they have with your business.

Mainly it contains the contact info that you’ve collected from your customers or leads generated from your website signup forms, popups, and landing pages.

It can even be a contact list that you collected at a tradeshow you attended. Remember, this list has to do something with your business. You don’t want to send emails promoting the benefits of eating meat to a vegan email list.

ALWAYS remember you have permission to send them marketing emails and NEVER buy email lists!

Your Email marketing software:
Imagine sitting the whole day, sending emails manually via Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo to 1000 contacts. Duh! Probably after the 10th email, you would be done with it and quit your job.

Sending newsletters and automated emails requires some setting up and monitoring, which include preparing a list, segmenting it into subgroups, sending the actual emails and creating feedback reports.

The purpose of email marketing software goes beyond sending emails automatically.

There is plenty of software that you can consider for your email marketing. But since you’re an email marketing rookie, I recommend you go with a simple solution like Power Lead System.

It’s made for those with no technical background to convert their leads to loyal customers by sending personalized, relevant, automated emails.

So now let’s say you have your email list, started with an email marketing software. All you need is a compelling email.

Create an awesome email:
The style and layout of emails differ between industries and companies. Yet, there are certain best practices and guidelines to follow to make your emails look professional, here are some:

  • Sender name, email address: Include the name of your company in the From Name. Generally, it’s best to go with a first name plus the company like Mark from Facebook.
  • Subject line: Use a relevant, informative, and clear subject line. Do not use ALL CAPS or spammy words. Be careful you don’t want to lose your contacts because of a cheesy subject line.
  • Email layout & content: The layout of your email should be well-spaced, with distinguished sections. Use blocks, padding, spacers, and dividers to create a clean and visually pleasing email layout. Adding images won’t hurt as well, an image is worth a thousand word.

To wrap up, you took your contact list and got started with your email marketing software. Afterward, you designed a beautiful email and fired your first campaigns.

It doesn’t end there my friend, the best marketers always look at their analytics after sending their emails.

You don’t have to do it manually, create sheets and stuff, your email marketing software gives you clear data regarding the performance of your email campaigns.

So get started with your email marketing software, I’m pretty sure that Power Lead System will be the right fit for you because our focus is to make every process as easy and effective as possible. Upload your contacts, clone email campaigns, design your email template and send your first campaigns.

Hope this helps, ping me if you have any other questions.
Let me know if you have any questions.
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