Thursday, November 15, 2018

Why Don't Your Prospective Customers Respond to Emails

Here’s 7 reasons why your prospects might not reply to your cold email, even to say that they’re not interested:

1. You don’t have a call to action: this can involve asking your prospect to visit a website, schedule a phone call, read a blog post, sign up for an account. If you don’t mention a clear “next step” in your email, then the prospect is less likely to reply or take any further steps.

2. Your call to action is too much of an ask: a lot of cold email templates end with a call to action that asks’s the prospect if they have some free time in the next few days to talk over the phone. This is a significant ask. For this to be a successful tactic, the prospect needs to see enough value in your email that they are willing to block out time in their calendar, get on a phone call, and talk to you (a complete stranger at this point). 

Instead of asking for too much, use your first cold email to ask simple questions that start a conversation with the prospect rather than sell. The aim of your first cold email shouldn’t be to make a sale, it should be to start a dialogue. This can include simple yes/no questions, or scaled questions (from 1 to 10, how difficult is [problem] for your business).

3. What you’re offering is not relevant to them: if what you’re selling is completely irrelevant to your prospect then chances are they’re not going to reply regardless of how persuasive, well-written, or perfect your email is. To prevent this from happening, do some research on each prospect before sending them an email - look at their website, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 
4. They’ve received hundreds of cold emails and your one does not stand out: I personally receive anywhere from 5–20 cold emails a day and will ignore any that look like a stock template. I’ll read & reply to (even to say that I’m not interested) cold emails where I can tell the person has done some research on me & personalized the email.
5. They forgot to reply: a lot of people read your email and then forget to reply. You can get around this by using an automated email tool to send a follow up to prospects who have read your email but haven’t replied within a certain time frame (like 3 days).

6. The email was read at a time that they’re unable to reply: a lot of people check their email first thing in the morning & the last thing at night on their smartphones. They’re unlikely to reply at these times of the day, on smartphone devices where their typing speed is slower than on a full sized keyboard. To get around this, schedule your emails to be delivered at a time your prospects are more likely to be in front of their computer & able to reply. 

7. Your email went to their spam folder

Whatever changes you make to your email marketing plan, don’t over complicate it.
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