Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ebates Review: 6 Ways to Make More Money With Ebates

Ebates has been around since 1998, which is forever in Internet years. They’re a free website – and committed to always remain free—that allows you to earn cash back on your online purchases (and some made in store; see below!) without having to sign up for another credit card. 
Using Ebates is as easy as clicking on their link for the retailer you’d like to shop, whether Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, or Groupon (and many more), and then completing your qualifying purchase.

I have been a member of the site since 2014 and people ask all the time, “Is Ebates legit?” Frankly, it is one of my favorite ways to earn a little extra income, stash away some extra cash in my savings account, and finance my holiday shopping.

How Does Ebates Work?

Most of you are probably familiar with affiliate marketing. Basically, businesses partner with individuals or other businesses to give kickbacks to customer referrals. If I tell you that there is a great deal over at Amazon today and you click through my affiliate link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission from Amazon. Ebates has created a system where they partner with over 2,000 online retailers to refer customers via these links; Ebates gets a commission for your qualifying purchases made through their links, and they then give a portion of that commission to you.
When you’re about to make an online purchase, just visit Ebates and click through their link to your favorite or preferred retailer. They will advertise up front how much cash back you will receive from your qualifying purchase. Most often, it’s around 3% to 6%. I occasionally spot offers up to 25% off or more, so it’s well worth your time to take the extra Ebates step.
A few of my favorite stores that are Ebates-eligible:
  • Macy's
  • Sephora
  • Staples
  • Walmart
  • Kohl's
  • Keurig
  • Overstock
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Aliexpress
  • America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses
It’s important to pay attention to category restrictions on some retailers for earning cashback, which is why I keep saying “qualifying purchase.” For some retailers, like Amazon, you can only earn from Ebates if you’re shopping for certain things – for example, right now, you can only earn on purchases in the Amazon Devices, Prime Apparel, clothing, and several other departments.
Your earnings through Ebates accumulate on a quarterly basis, meaning they only pay out on fixed dates throughout the year. Those payment dates are February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15. To qualify for a payout, you must have a balance of at least $5.01. They let you choose whether to receive your Big Fat Check (as they put it!) as an actual check or via Paypal.

How Can I Increase My Earnings?

1. Install the Ebates button: I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to visit Ebates first—and left money on the table because of that oversight! They now have a browser extension that will alert you when a site you’re shopping on is eligible for cashback through Ebates. It will also tag your Internet search results—whether through Google or Yahoo! or Bing—to show you which merchants will allow you to earn cashback through Ebates. No logging in or clicking through Ebates required! It’s been a game changer. You can download it hereThis is my top tip for making more money with Ebates!
2. Refer your friends: Ebates is right now giving you $25 for every friend you refer who makes a $25 purchase. That's big money!
3. Get the Ebates app: Ebates now has a smartphone app as well! You can get it for Android, iPhone, or iPad. It lets you access your account on the go, so you’ll always know where you stand on pending rewards. It does much more than that, however! You can also get in-store coupons, scan barcodes to compare product prices, discover last-minute deals and more.
4. Shop Double Cash Back Stores:  Ebates features a section of affiliate stores offering double cash back percentages; new stores may come and go from this section, so it’s a great idea to check back regularly! There are usually other special promotions available during the holiday shopping season as well, especially on Black Friday.
5. In-Store Cash Back: You can even earn cash back from Ebates shopping in stores now, too! You simply add a credit card to your Ebates account (works with most American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit cards). When you find an Ebates deal you love, you click “Link Offer” to connect it to the credit card of your choice and you’re done. Use that credit card to make your purchase in-store and earn cash from Ebates as usual! You can even do this on the fly from their app.
6. Ebates Cash Back Visa: Ebates also allows you to “double dip” on your earnings when using their cash back Visa credit card. You will earn an additional 3% cash back on every qualifying purchase you make online using Ebates. You can earn 1% cash back everywhere else you can use your Visa card. They’re also offering a $10 bonus on your first purchase for a limited time. And it works with Apple Pay!

Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Cardholders have earned more than $4 million Cash
Back with the Card.
In addition to Ebates Cash Back, you can earn an extra 3% Cash Back on qualifying purchases made through Ebates and 1% Cash Back on non-qualifying Ebates purchases and purchases made everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. The Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card also offers no annual fee and zero fraud liability.
Enjoy all the benefits of your Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.6 It's the secure, easy and fast way to pay. Open your account and start earning an extra 3% Cash Back at over 2,500 stores today.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just visit Ebates to get started. It doesn’t cost anything to join and, with the new Ebates button on your browser, no additional work is required! This is one of the easiest ways on the planet to make money online. And, for a limited time, you’ll get a $10 Welcome Bonus for signing up and making your first qualifying purchase!
Let me know if you have any questions.
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Friday, November 23, 2018

Make Money Online Via Rebate Site While Shopping Online

Instead of waiting outside your local Best Buy on Black Friday, why not stay home and shop online? You can skip the crowds, avoid aching feet, and duck the drama of parking the car at the mall. Online shoppers also have a secret weapon: Online rebate sites.

These sites, such as Ebates work on the simple principle that retailers will do just about anything, including shelling out cash, to gain paying customers. The rebate sites act as referrers—they refer you to retailer’s websites, and the retailer gives them a bonus if you make a purchase. To inspire you to use their sites (instead of heading directly to the retailer’s site), online rebate sites offer you a small portion of that bonus.

In other words: Free money. If you make large purchases online, and you can find an online rebate site that partners with that retailer, you can earn anywhere from one to 45 percent of your money back—just by clicking through a website. On top of that, many online rebate sites will be offering additional deals for Black Friday, such as extra cashback and shopping bonuses.

Additionally, do your research, and you may find that many of the fantastic deals advertised on the first day of the holiday shopping season… aren’t really deals at all.


Ebates is a very straight-forward online rebate site—it focuses on cash, and only cash.

The company partners with more than 1,600 retailers, including luxury department stores Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as big-box stores Best Buy and Target. Ebates pays out its cash-back bonuses on a quarterly basis and offers the option of a direct PayPal payment or a check. Ebates gives cash-back bonuses when members shop online.

Getting started with Ebates is easy. Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you can start shopping. To qualify for an Ebates cashback bonus, simply click through the Ebates website before you make a purchase.

Going through Ebates every time you want to buy something might seem like a chore, but you can simplify the process by downloading the Ebates browser add-on, which is available for the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers.

The add-on alerts you whenever you’re shopping on an Ebates-approved letting you know when you can potentially get cash back.

For Black Friday, Ebates will offer extra cashback for several of its partnered stores. According to Mark Moran, Ebates’ senior vice president of marketing and distribution, shoppers can look forward to more than 25 percent cash back at “approximately 500 stores, including Macy’s, Target, and Walmart.

How Our Referral Program Works

Ebates will pay you for every new member you refer to our site who then shops and makes a purchase at our partner merchants sites in accordance with the Referral Program. While we love them, too, pets and children do not qualify, nor do referrals to friends or housemates who do not do their own shopping via their own account on

Referral Program Terms
Subject to these Referral Program Terms, Ebates will pay you a $25 Referral Bonus through your Ebates account for every Qualified Referral (defined below) you refer during the period ending on December 31, 2018 ("Referral Period").  A "Qualified Referral" must (i) be a new member of Ebates, (ii) be referred by you via your custom referral link, the links via the invitation forms on this page, or other methods supplied by Ebates that allow for proper tracking of referrals, (iii) sign up at during the Referral Period, and (iv) make qualifying purchases totaling $25 or more that earn Cash Back.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What Is The Best Way to Earn Money Online Without Spending

There’s a business model online that’s so simple, so straightforward, and so lucrative it should be banned.
You don’t need to stock inventory.
You don’t need to ship anything.
You can work online from literally anywhere in the world.
You don’t even have to use your own money to pay for the goods.
It’s called drop-shipping.

Image result for What Is The Best Way to Earn Money Online Without Spending

Honest to be, you can easily make more than $1000-$2000 per month in less than a year with your first e-commerce drop-shipping business (even if you’re a student).
There are thousands of people making 6-figures monthly by doing drop shipping.

All you need to do is a mini-research on what’s in trend for people and an effective marketing/advertising campaign to be successful.
Sounds good, right?
Before you say oh, that. Let’s look at how you can start and scale a drop-shipping business. Step by step. All you need are hot products and an effective marketing/advertising campaign to be successful here.
How are you supposed to find products?
Where should you look to find the hottest products in the world? The largest online retailer in the world or course. Amazon. Just run a quick Google search for:
Most popular Gadgets on Amazon.
Most popular fitness items on Amazon.
Most popular pet products on Amazon.
Most popular *whatever you want to sell* on Amazon.
You will get back a lot of results. Focus on the ones created within the last 18–24 months. Create a list of about 20 products.
Once you have a list of 20 or so products, there are 3 things you need to do.
  1. Go here and open a new store. It’s FREE, with up to 10 products and I guarantee you will make plenty of sales using this freebie.
  2. Set up your payment processor (Stripe/PayPal).
  3. Go to AliExpress, open a new account, and import your desired products to your store (using the plugin).
OK, store is ready. Now how do you market this thing?
We’re going to take a pretty cool and unique approach here.
Create a logo (or hire someone from fiverr to do it for you), and create a new Instagram account for your store.
How to do it? 
Well, you will need $100 to start it. You don’t need to stock inventory, you don’t need to ship anything and the best part: you can work from literally anywhere in the world to manage it.
Once you have your $100, split it in half.
Now set up a Facebook page for your store and run/test ads until you find a winner. Set the budget to $5 a day.
Don't overthink it. You have the hottest products in the world. They will sell.
With your other $50, go find large Instagram pages. At least 50k+ and 1–3% engagement (calculate engagement using likes. Add up the number of likes for their last 10 posts. Divide that number by 10 to get average likes. Once you get average likes, divide that by the total number of followers. That's the average engagement.)
Shoot them an email or DM and ask them if they're willing to promote your product. For 50,000 you shouldn't pay more than $15. For 100,000 you shouldn’t pay more than $20-$25 and for 200,000 you shouldn’t pay more than $30-$50.
PRO TIP: Personal pages with that many followers will charge considerably more.
None of their quoted prices are written in stone.
Here's a secret. If you are selling goods for pugs, don't advertise on pet pages. Don't even advertise in dog pages if you can help it. Advertise on pages especially dedicated to pugs.
Once you turn a profit, expand to broader pages.
With $50 you should get 2 or 3 shout-outs.
You will sell a lot by the end of the week.
Now keep reinvesting your profit. Play smart.
One day you might be selling your store for millions.
Let me know if you have any questions.
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Why Don't Your Prospective Customers Respond to Emails

Here’s 7 reasons why your prospects might not reply to your cold email, even to say that they’re not interested:

1. You don’t have a call to action: this can involve asking your prospect to visit a website, schedule a phone call, read a blog post, sign up for an account. If you don’t mention a clear “next step” in your email, then the prospect is less likely to reply or take any further steps.

2. Your call to action is too much of an ask: a lot of cold email templates end with a call to action that asks’s the prospect if they have some free time in the next few days to talk over the phone. This is a significant ask. For this to be a successful tactic, the prospect needs to see enough value in your email that they are willing to block out time in their calendar, get on a phone call, and talk to you (a complete stranger at this point). 

Instead of asking for too much, use your first cold email to ask simple questions that start a conversation with the prospect rather than sell. The aim of your first cold email shouldn’t be to make a sale, it should be to start a dialogue. This can include simple yes/no questions, or scaled questions (from 1 to 10, how difficult is [problem] for your business).

3. What you’re offering is not relevant to them: if what you’re selling is completely irrelevant to your prospect then chances are they’re not going to reply regardless of how persuasive, well-written, or perfect your email is. To prevent this from happening, do some research on each prospect before sending them an email - look at their website, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 
4. They’ve received hundreds of cold emails and your one does not stand out: I personally receive anywhere from 5–20 cold emails a day and will ignore any that look like a stock template. I’ll read & reply to (even to say that I’m not interested) cold emails where I can tell the person has done some research on me & personalized the email.
5. They forgot to reply: a lot of people read your email and then forget to reply. You can get around this by using an automated email tool to send a follow up to prospects who have read your email but haven’t replied within a certain time frame (like 3 days).

6. The email was read at a time that they’re unable to reply: a lot of people check their email first thing in the morning & the last thing at night on their smartphones. They’re unlikely to reply at these times of the day, on smartphone devices where their typing speed is slower than on a full sized keyboard. To get around this, schedule your emails to be delivered at a time your prospects are more likely to be in front of their computer & able to reply. 

7. Your email went to their spam folder

Whatever changes you make to your email marketing plan, don’t over complicate it.
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

How to Make Money Online On A Tight Budget

TIGHT BUDGET? Get Started Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing Even on a very tight of Budget.
There is no excuse for not starting your own home business.
The tax advantages are beneficial alone. And today, it’s very realistic to use programs and tools that allow you to create a legit full-time income from home using 100% commission models that pay you $100, $400 and $1,000 per transaction. That’s real money, not your typical commission peanuts.
And there are a number of ways to learn and earn as you go, keeping it really simple and scaling up your business as you grow and elevate your skill sets.

Here are two legitimate options that can help you if you’re just starting out:
  • Option A: This simple program includes all the tools and training you’ll need and pays you 100% commissions and 50% commission check match of your ALL personally enrolled business partners. Click here to review.

  • Option B: Lead Lightning is super simple $7 affiliate program where you also get all the training and all the tools needed to get started learning how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Click here to review.
It doesn’t have to be as complicated as many people make it.
This could be as simple and direct as asking people one question:
“Are you open to learning a fun, simple way to make full time income online?
The training is included and the information to review it is free.
Either people are interested in learning about this or not.
Don’t over complicate it.
Just share the information.
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