Thursday, October 25, 2018

What Are 3 Proven Email List Building Strategies

Today I’m going to show you how to build your email list (FAST).
In fact: These strategies in this post helped me grow my list from scratch.

1. Want More Subscribers? Use Pinterest (Seriously!)
I love Pinterest! It’s the most popular platform among females (80% users) and 30+-year-old group.
About 25% of consumers reported buying a product or service after discovering it on Pinterest.
Pinterest is not a niche site, so it’s a great platform to promote any kind of business.
Step 1: Create an eye-catchy visual (image or video) of offer/incentive which can attract audience attention. Use tools like Canva and Camtasia
Step 2: Create a beautiful landing page (Use the same graphic which has you used in original pin) which contain a lead form. I’d like to suggest some tools: Leadpages and Unbounce
Step 3: Upload your Pin, write an actionable description & insert your landing page URL.

2. Host a Webinar
Hosting a webinar about a relevant topic with your audience is a human way to grab email subscribers.
Run a webinar on the topic that relevant to your products & services, and which provides a helpful solution to your target audience’s queries.
Promote your webinar & collect the email addresses of participants. See the example:

I’d like to suggest you some tools:
Google+ Hangout

3. Serve Thank You Page and Welcome Letter (Learn Some Manners)! 
Once website visitors subscribe to your list, immediately serve a thank you page, then follow-up with a welcome letter (show them your manners).
It tells subscribers that opt-in actually worked. Use creative, funny, & unique language or graphics on thank you page/welcome letter.
It’s a win-win way to invite them to subscribe to your blog, training or other incentives.
Here’s Litmus Thank You Page:

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