Friday, October 26, 2018

How to Make $1000 Extra Dollars Without An Extra Job

Dropshipping! Plain & Simple!

By setting up a quality dropship based online store, you could easily earn an extra $1000 per month with minimal effort. Of course, you'll have to make a little time every day (maybe 30 minutes) to process orders. You don't even need your own website: you could start your store on Ecwid FREE and see the same great results.

Dropshipping is a ridiculously easy way to get your feet wet in the online marketplace and make a decent amount of money while doing so. I had $0 when I started doing this. Of course, people are going to say that I did invest - I invested my time. And the Internet connection. And the computer. And they could go on and on. 

I'm assuming you already have all the basic necessities to make money online. You don't want to invest money, but if you have a little time you could build a dropshipping empire. 

So, what is dropshipping?

Well, dropshipping involves-5 SIMPLE STEPS:

  1. Finding a reliable supplier who is willing to send out products in your name and not their company's name (blind drop shipping). When I started I got my products from Aliexpress and I still drop ship with them still today.
  2. Listing every last one of the products from their site into yours. Markup the prices at least 15%. The more products, the higher chances you have of selling in high volumes. This part is tedious. Remember, you have spent $0 so far, you have not bought anything yet.
  3. When an order comes in and your customer has paid you, you then buy the product your customer ordered from your supplier and enter their address so it can be sent to your customer. You only buy the products after they have sold in your store. There is no investment or risk
  4. Advertise & send traffic to your products and store.
  5. Enjoy your profits!

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