Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Making money online is not complicated.

1. Locate a Market of Buyers.
2. Give them the content they love to consume.
3. Put the right offers in front of them consistently.
That’s it!!!

3 Step System Creates Cash without Complications.

1. I ask if they are open to learning a simple way to make money online.
2. I invite them to free training.
3. My system takes over.
They buy.
You get paid.
Invite people to FREE training.
Get Paid!!!
Prospecting and marketing all begin with your core message or your “approach questions” (when prospecting).
  1. Are you open to learning a simple way to make money online? 
  2. Are you open to making money online?
Just ask them that question daily. You can ask these simple “approach questions” in person, on the phone, via text message, email, and with your content on social networks like Facebook.
It doesn’t really matter which method you choose. The important thing is getting this message and these invites in front of as many people as you can, daily. The more messages you have out there, the more people will see them – and that will help you create more leads and prospects for your offer.
You have a system, tools, and training to help them create money online.
You have a video that presents your offer. Just get people watching that video.
A simple video does the heavy work and closes sales.
That’s it.
Keep it simple.
  1. Ask approach question.
  2. Watch a video.
  3. Buy membership.
  4. Plug into training.
  5. Repeat the process.
  6. Teach your team to repeat the process.
  1. Get in.
  2. Get all in.
  3. Get traffic.
  4. Get to our training.

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To your massive success, 

Miss Carla

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