Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stop Listening To Broke People

Well, I may not know who you have been listening to or hanging around with, but what I can tell you is that broke people will influence you negatively.

Do you know why?

Broke people are bitter and they have a twisted view of everything in life. They will complain about anything and everything under the sun. That's why they never get very far in life. And if they make a step forward, they will make two steps backward. 

If you really want to succeed in life, then the last people you'll need around you are bitter broke people. I am saying this because there are so many people out there who take advice from broke and negative people instead of successful people who want to help them succeed in life. 

Trust me, no good can ever come out of your conversation or engagement with bitter broke people. Their negative outlook in life and skeptical thoughts permeate into your life and makes you freeze instead of progressing towards your goals in life.

Look here, have you ever seen a blind person leading another blind person down the road or in a dark alley? I doubt you have for the simple reason that both of them will trip and fall. In the same manner, you will fail miserably and end up being disgruntled, a negative and disoriented person if you hang around negative people. 

Let me ask you this, would you rather listen to the depressing talk by miserable broke people in your neighborhood or successful people who have made it big in life? I doubt anyone would want to live close to broke people let alone listen to them. 

Trust me, many people yearn for the day they will have an audience like LeBron James, Oprah, and Steve Harvey. Do you know why?

Because they are successful. 

It's not just their wealth or "success tag" makes them notable. It's their personality, their lifestyle, their thoughts, and character that makes them so adorable to many people. 

Let me be honest with you. When it comes to establishing a successful career or business, the last people you should take advice from are bitter broke people who are trapped in dead-end jobs. It doesn't matter whether they are members of your family, or childhood friends, or in-laws, you should limit engagement with them. 

Most broke people didn't aspire to be broke, bitter, and negative people. If you do so then you'll pick up their traits and start acting, talking and living like them. 

Eventually, you'll end up and be bitter, broke and broken just like them. Instead, make a firm decision to follow and listen to successful people and you'll soon develop a winning mentality and positive outlook in life.

It's not too late to make a turnaround, but you have a choice to make.

You can either choose to listen to the hopeless talk of bitter broke people or listen to successful people who want to help you break away from your broke circle of lifestyle, mentality, and people!

I have an incredibly powerful and life-changing solution that'll help you transition from a broke person to a re-energized and successful person today.

Let's break generational poverty and WIN together.

To your massive success, 

Miss Carla

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