Friday, June 29, 2018

How to Have Success Through Mentorship (Find A Mentor)

The most successful men and women in life have a mentor. 

However, what is a mentor, you may wonder or ask. A mentor is that individual who trains helps and sets examples for others. Your personal mentor may or may not be the mentor of other people. Mentoring refers to the process of helping other people realize their dreams and succeed. It gives you an extraordinary opportunity of facilitating the ideal professional growth through the sharing of knowledge that you have learned over the years through formal teaching and/or life experience.

Mentoring will allow you to add more strength to what you have learned through coaching and skills of leadership, through working with those individuals from various and different backgrounds who have different and varying types of personalities. The mentor intuitively knows the process and methods of helping, listening, and encouraging through reality testing. Oddly enough, mentors come into your life in various sizes and shapes. In most cases, you may not realize that a person is in the process of mentoring you until you achieve something worthwhile based on a word of advice or caution from somebody.

At this point, you now know what a mentor is, but do you know that you can go up to the sky with your business if you have a business mentor? Finding a mentor is indeed one of the untold secrets of business success. If, for example, you want to engage in the online marketing of your products or the products of others, you should select a mentor to show you how to do it best.

You will achieve faster and realize all your dreams faster if you have a mentor. The mentor will help you overcome challenges and escape those business hurdles that are very common in the everyday life of doing business. The mentor will guide you in such a way that you will not make the mistakes or fall into the traps, which those persons without mentors face.

If you are doing business over the Internet, most mentors will train and teach you to focus on attraction marketing. With a mentor, people will be chasing and following to learn from you, not chasing other people in order to learn from them as you will have the qualities that are admired and liked by most people.

A mentor is also very important in saving you a lot of money while you are building your business. 

From the testimonies of most people, you can incur a lot of costs when you are in the early stages of establishing your business. You will incur a lot of these costs because you are the one who needs to figure out how to solve the problems of business and the challenges of the same. You can choose one or several mentors to help drive your business to success and prosperity. You should choose mentors who have a proven track record of accomplishment in business.

In view of the above reasons, you should find a mentor if you want to succeed in business and in life; and because you have many choices in both life and business, you should choose to connect with various mentors who will assist you to succeed in your life and in business. There are various challenges in life and business and these challenges need the advice and assistance of a mentor to overcome and solve them. 

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Miss Carla

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Stop Learning

When was the last time you sat down and read a good book?

I don’t know about you, but I do know one thing for sure; many people live frazzled and scheduled-packed lives. They can’t set apart time to read a book.

Personally, I read a couple of books in recent months. I love reading inspirational books, biographies, and books that challenge my beliefs and perspectives. How about you?

Reading is one of the greatest habits you should develop as an entrepreneur. It keeps your brain active and makes you sharp. That’s why I read regularly - no matter how packed my schedule is.

Truthfully speaking, many people don’t read. They just read when they’re preparing for exams. Do you know why? They really don’t see the need for reading. 
That’s a costly mistake. 

Life is a learning process and we’re all work in progress. So if you stop learning, you stop growing. You need to keep reading so that you can acquire new skills, develop better insights, and ideas.

Reading is one of the hallmarks of great entrepreneurs. Warren Buffet read Dale Carnegie’s “ How to Win Friends and Influence People” right after college. The book shaped his entrepreneurial journey and life tremendously.

Like Warren and all great entrepreneurs, you need to read and apply transformative ideas into your life and business. Your college education might land you a well-paying job, it may not change your perspective or inspire the next million-dollar idea.

What’s the lesson here?

Until you start reading good books, you’ll never know or experience the transformative power of reading! I encourage you to start reading good books, it’ll sharpen your life and give you a competitive edge as an entrepreneur.

What book are you’re planning to read in this month? I’d love to hear from you.

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Miss Carla

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Don't Trust A Supervisor Who Does This

Every working person knows that your direct supervisor sets the tone for your relationship with your job. If your supervisor is cool, it could be a great job for you even if it isn't your dream job.
If your supervisor is a jerk, it won't matter how much you like the work on your desk  you're probably going to hate the job, anyway.
Your manager is the person who can give you pay raises or keep you stuck at your current pay rate. Your manager can fire you or recommend you for a promotion. But the supervisor is the one who reports, recommends, and suspends privileges on your behalf.
 The power your supervisor holds over you, your employment security and your career path make your them the most important person in your working life for as long as you have your job.
The unequal power relationship between a manager, a supervisor and their subordinate is one of the most dysfunctional features of traditional employment.
It is ridiculous that new supervisors are promoted with little thought, given little to no training and then put in charge of other people, but it happens every day.
It is not healthy for you to need one person  your manager —your supervisor to approve of your every move!
Working people can easily begin to shift their words and actions in order to please (or try to please) their boss  and hurt themselves in the process. I have seen it happen over and over in corporate America
A person who feels a lot of pressure to keep difficult bosses happy may not even be aware of the degree to which they bend themselves into pretzel shapes to accommodate their manager. This is a very bad thing to do  but most of us have done it!

Pay very close attention the next time you're having time with your friend and your friend gets a phone call from their boss. The minute your friend starts talking to their boss, their voice changes.
We unconsciously shift our behaviors to match what we think our boss wants to see and hear from us. In the process we give up something very valuable  namely control over our own minds and bodies!
I hope you have a manager and supervisor who trusts you and whom you can trust. You deserve to work for people who doesn't expect or require you to behave any differently at work than you do anywhere else.
You deserve to work for someone who wants to see the real you at work, not a fake, subservient version of you  but many people are not that lucky.
There are plenty of poorly-equipped managers around.
One of the biggest problems in the working world is the level of fear in many workplaces.  Employees mope around trying to stay out of trouble rather than having fun solving problems with other brilliant, smart, and intelligent people.
That is the way work should be  creative, warm and human! Sadly, it is easier to find fear-based workplaces than healthy, trust-based ones.
If you can't trust your supervisor or manager, you can't grow your flame. You can't speak with your own voice, for fear that they won't like it.
If you aren't sure whether or not your supervisor is trustworthy, here are five unmistakable signs they aren't.

1. If your supervisor complains to you about your fellow employees or higher-up managers, they are not trustworthy. Anyone who will gossip to you will just as easily gossip about you.
2. If your supervisor is obsessed with "face time" in the workplace and pays close attention to employees' arrival and departure times, they are not trustworthy. A manager for whom "face time"  is more important than actual results is a manager mired in fear, and a person in fear cannot be trusted because their fear will make them do things that a confident person would never do -- like throw employees under the bus to save themselves.
3. If your supervisor is afraid of higher-up managers, they are not trustworthy. 
4. If your supervisor needs to find someone to blame whenever something goes wrong, they are not worthy of your trust. Many managers have this problem. They cannot handle the pressure of being accountable for their department. When something goes wrong, they must find a scapegoat. They yell at the scapegoat or write them up to get rid of the stress they feel over the mishap. No matter how friendly your supervisor is when he or she is not experiencing stress, you cannot assume that you can trust them when their stress level increases!
5. If your supervisor is obsessed with targets and metrics, you cannot trust them. Yardsticks are only one part of a healthy management structure. Supervisors who care too much about hitting every goal, every day do not have the backbone to lead through trust. 
If you cannot trust your supervisor, don't panic. You don't have to start a job search tomorrow, but you can begin to think about what you want and need in a career that you aren't getting now. You can take your time, and launch a stealth career search when you feel ready.
Your muscles will begin growing the moment you turn your attention away from pleasing your undeserving boss and start focusing on pleasing yourself!
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Miss Carla

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Positive Thinking Is The Key To Your Success

Let's face it. Everybody has one noble dream in life - to succeed.

I mean, don't we all want to excel in our careers, have good families, enjoy perfect health, have strong social relationships, and become the best we can?

Absolutely, that's what each one of us wants. But, do all people succeed?

No, not everyone succeeds in life.

Do you know why?

Many people don't succeed because they have not embraced positive thinking. It all boils down to attitude. They have low expectations, losers' mentalities, and attitudes that completely suck! They hold onto irrational fears and develop the wrong thoughts about life.

The truth is that we all face problems in life, but some people seem to overcome challenges and rise to the top. Do you know why?

All great and successful people have one thing in common - they think positively.

I don't know how you want to look at it, but here is the truth. Successful people view, think, and respond to situations in a positive way.

The Law of Attraction

There is a powerful saying that goes, "as a man thinketh so he is".

Whether you have heard it or not doesn't matter. What matters is what you do in relation to what you think about yourself. If you always see or expect negative things to happen in your life then that is exactly what's going to happen. Your race, creed, culture, or faith doesn't matter; this is the universal law that cuts across the board!

It all starts with you...

Surprisingly, I find so many people who think I was born and raised a happy lady. Looking at me, you wouldn't even believe that I went through painful ordeals in the past. 

Yes, I have been through so many difficulties and painful ordeals in life, but I didn't dwell in any of them. I have put my past behind me and embraced the power of positive thinking. That's why I have so much energy, positive expectations, and zeal in life!!!

I don't know why you have to feel sorry or lament about your failures or past hurts when you have so much potential in life. I believe that your life is not determined so much by what life brings your way, rather by the attitude and thoughts you bring to life. Not so much by what happens to you, but by the way your mind looks and what happens.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

One thing that I've learned about positive thinking is that it helps you deal and cope with daily challenges easily. If you embrace positive thinking and develop a positive attitude then I assure you that your whole life will change for good.

Just look at how positive thinking and attitude can change your life...

  • Positive thinking helps you achieve personal and professional goals easily. 
  • Positive thinking enhances your happiness.
  • Positive thinking rejuvenates your life and makes you energized.
  • Positive thinking grows inner power and strength. 
  • Positive thinking inspires and motivates those around you.
  • Positive thinking changes your perception to problems.
  • Positive thinking empowers you to surmount problems. 
  • Positive thinking draws people to you.
  • Positive thinking improves physical and emotional health.

Don't forfeit the chance to improve the quality of your life and become happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. I can assure you that if you embrace positive thinking and a positive attitude, you will make tremendous progress and achieve an immeasurable level of success.

Start focusing on the positives and the bright side of life, and you'll succeed wherever you go.

Let's break generational poverty and WIN together.

To your massive success, 

Miss Carla

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stop Listening To Broke People

Well, I may not know who you have been listening to or hanging around with, but what I can tell you is that broke people will influence you negatively.

Do you know why?

Broke people are bitter and they have a twisted view of everything in life. They will complain about anything and everything under the sun. That's why they never get very far in life. And if they make a step forward, they will make two steps backward. 

If you really want to succeed in life, then the last people you'll need around you are bitter broke people. I am saying this because there are so many people out there who take advice from broke and negative people instead of successful people who want to help them succeed in life. 

Trust me, no good can ever come out of your conversation or engagement with bitter broke people. Their negative outlook in life and skeptical thoughts permeate into your life and makes you freeze instead of progressing towards your goals in life.

Look here, have you ever seen a blind person leading another blind person down the road or in a dark alley? I doubt you have for the simple reason that both of them will trip and fall. In the same manner, you will fail miserably and end up being disgruntled, a negative and disoriented person if you hang around negative people. 

Let me ask you this, would you rather listen to the depressing talk by miserable broke people in your neighborhood or successful people who have made it big in life? I doubt anyone would want to live close to broke people let alone listen to them. 

Trust me, many people yearn for the day they will have an audience like LeBron James, Oprah, and Steve Harvey. Do you know why?

Because they are successful. 

It's not just their wealth or "success tag" makes them notable. It's their personality, their lifestyle, their thoughts, and character that makes them so adorable to many people. 

Let me be honest with you. When it comes to establishing a successful career or business, the last people you should take advice from are bitter broke people who are trapped in dead-end jobs. It doesn't matter whether they are members of your family, or childhood friends, or in-laws, you should limit engagement with them. 

Most broke people didn't aspire to be broke, bitter, and negative people. If you do so then you'll pick up their traits and start acting, talking and living like them. 

Eventually, you'll end up and be bitter, broke and broken just like them. Instead, make a firm decision to follow and listen to successful people and you'll soon develop a winning mentality and positive outlook in life.

It's not too late to make a turnaround, but you have a choice to make.

You can either choose to listen to the hopeless talk of bitter broke people or listen to successful people who want to help you break away from your broke circle of lifestyle, mentality, and people!

I have an incredibly powerful and life-changing solution that'll help you transition from a broke person to a re-energized and successful person today.

Let's break generational poverty and WIN together.

To your massive success, 

Miss Carla

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