Sunday, March 17, 2019

Does God Really Bless Without Discrimination?

Does God Truly Exist?

Does God Really Love Me? 
Does He truly exist? 
Does God Really Bless Without Discrimination?
Sometimes this question comes into our mind especially if we are facing so much hardship and pain inside us. We are questioning about God’s love, because of the situation that we’re not deserved or we’re not able to handle.
Why are we suffering from this pain? 
Am I really that bad? 
Why am I the one who experienced this? Why me?!
…. and so on and so forth. 
In fact, there are so many questions come into our mind if we face unbearable pain.
Before you continue questioning God, why don’t you let this situation have more quiet time with Him? 
Calm yourself. Pray more – Feel His presence – Read His words – Hear His voice – Listen to your heart – And follow Him.
Besides, you were not able to know, why you are suffering this if you keep worrying yourself too much and questioning about your situation.
Do you believe in God? Jesus Christ? Holy Spirit?

Is God Believable?
I believe God loves me! If you believe you are guided, cared and loved by our Almighty God through His only son Jesus Christ our savior.


Firstly, you should train yourself to be in control whatever situation comes your way. You’re the only one who can handle this. Not anyone else except you.


Precisely, prayer is our only way to communicate with God through His son Jesus Christ. Prayer comes with humbleness, free spirit, and repenting heart.


Through constant prayers, you will be able to feel his presence. Show Him that you are really sincere.


You must know His words with your own effort. Reading His words is for you to truly know Him. Not only by the words of others. Read the bible.


Definitely, by reading His words continuously Holy Spirit will help you to understand the truth. Hear His voice is something for you to know His will whether in your dreams or in your visions, it is up to Him.

Holy Spirit is a gift from God through His son Jesus Christ and gave us to His Apostles and those believers and follower of Him to find the truth while He’s not yet returned on earth.


You will know what to do. It’s up to you now. As you continuously pray to our God, He will definitely guide you through your journey and take you to the right path no matter how rocky, ugly or long it is. You should be determined to pursue what is right on His eyes not on your own like.


Will you obey Him or not? 
Because it’s up to you now whether you follow what He says in your heart. 
With sincerity and humble heart, you will feel His undying love towards you. 
You have your own will to choose where to take your path.
If you truly trust Him to let you embrace His plan, our God’s plan, whether you see it not according to your will. You should have an act of good courage to face your circumstances. As you believe in Him, you will just be uttered with prayer and say, ”MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE”

You must always remember that.
So the next time you question "Does God really bless without discrimination", I hope this blog post answered your question.
Thanks for reading and visiting my website.

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